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Flat colored commissions for Chaz of his gansir-sona examining a strange piece of metal and his mothsona struggling to get out slime.


Hi there, everyone! I’ll be doing commissions in my lineless art style this time around. Here’s what I’m offering:


Be sure to run stuff by me first so I know if I’m comfortable drawing whatever it is you’d want! If you’re interested in commissioning me send me an email at

Would anyone be interested in $5 single character commissions in the style of those MGS requests I did?

(Better view here)
If you’re interested just send me an ask/fanmail!

Okay! I think that’s it for the requests. It was fun, guys!

How about psycho without his mask?

He’s gotta keep the mask on or else he’ll hear how ugly everyone thinks he is.

The Sorrow?

The best time to wear a striped sweater is all the time.

Could you please draw Raikov?

Someone grab my crotch!

Can you draw Skull Face?

Anyone with a fedora can’t be good news.

Metal Gear Mk.2, because everyone needs an adorable robot buddy (Piloted by an equally adorable nerd)!

I agree! MK. II is just ADORABLE!

maybe kaz miller?

Mr. Coolshades himself!