You’re SOUP-er!

You’re SOUP-er!

I’m probably gonna have to open some emergency commissions for food money.

Several animations I did for The Pixel Pirate!



alright!! finally getting around to do this and i won’t be doing any painty commissions just yet but since doodles are something i’m capable of doing fairly quickly we’re starting out with them

so! i will be doing lineart sketches for 5€ (i will NOT charge for extra characters but the limit of characters i’ll do per picture is four!)
fully coloured sketches for 10€ (again no extra money has to be paid for more than one character, but the limit of characters i can do per picture will still be four!)
and digital painty things for 15€ (same limits apply!)

contact me at (not through tumblr, it’s not reliable enough that the messages actually send!) and when i contact you back and accept the order, send your payment through paypal!

there aren’t actually many things i won’t draw (meaning that porn and such is acceptable to request) so i won’t be making any lists here BUT if there’s something that makes me uncomfortable or something i’m not capable of drawing i will let you know! be sure to include reference pictures or descriptions of what you want unless you want me to go nuts with whatever you’re requesting. also let me know if you do not want me to publish your commission on this blog!

I GUESS that’s it for now! no slots or such yet but you probably won’t have to wait for long for me to answer

spread the word if you’re unable to commission me, i’d appreciate it!!

Anonymous: what about future jerad with no. 56?


Couldn’t find any decent references of Jared in this outfit, but it’s close enough!

metal-gear-felidae: How about 18 with The Sorrow?

Everyone’s favorite silly ghost man.

Anonymous: young mantis with no.82, brighty!

He’s crying because he knows one day he won’t have his pretty hair anymore.

mikedawson: Regular-Sized Rudy, 58

fun hurts my lungs

crocodilecap: Hey, uh, just curious, but have you ever drawn the Warden? (This isn't a request, just wondering.)

Golly…Superjail was a HUGE fandom for me when I was in high school. I drew the Warden a TON! Just not nearly as much as I drew Jared and Charise 8 )!

Anonymous: Charise in #4? c:

Charise, honey. This season ain’t treating you right.